Paris, the city of love and light, is on every traveler’s to-do list. Neighboring the city is a French icon that resonates well with the glamorous, a la mode history of the French - the Palace of Versailles. Only 16km from the city of Paris, the Palace is a grandiose symbol of the French monarchy, power, and the history of France. 

Today, what was once a royal residence stands as the Museum of the History of France and no trip to Paris is complete without a visit to this grand gateway to a glorified and bloody time in the nation’s history. The tour from Paris to Versailles is a journey that must not be missed as it brings you ever closer to the lives of King Louis XIV and, successively, King Louis XVI and his Queen, Marie Antoinette.

Why Choose a Guided Paris to Versailles Tour?

For an all-encompassing experience, wherein you are privy to the best, guided tours of the Palace of Versailles with tales and legends of the French Monarchy, ease of access to the Hall of Mirrors and State Apartments, and avoiding long queues and skipping straight ahead to the center; opt for a guided tour that is more convenient for visitors. 

Hassle-free traveling -

To avoid any confusion with regards to which train to board and what bus station to head to before even considering the destination, a guided tour with train or coach vouchers will help you avoid all that hassle. You can easily book a guided tour that includes transportation and a host to take you directly to the Palace of Versailles. Paris trains can be confusing for first-timers, especially with language barriers. Most tours include a pick-up from Paris and a drop-off as well so you need only reach the designated meeting point on time to begin your journey through 17th and 18th century France. 

Ease of access -

Guided tours allow you the luxury of time as you do not have to wait at the ticket counters to redeem your ticket or even book it if you failed to do so online. The Palace of Versailles is one of the most frequented historical landmarks in France and with a guided tour of the Palace of Versailles from Paris, you can easily make your way to the entrance and only present your mobile booking with a valid photo ID. This way, not only do you save time, but also get started on a fantastic tour of this majestic Palace without further ado. A lot of the tours take you straight to the Grand Apartments or the Musical Fountains show without waiting.

Skip the line -

Skip the line pass is everything on a visit to the Palace of Versailles. With waiting lines that can last up to 90 minutes, you don’t want to waste your entire day outside the Palace. There is so much to see and learn here that you need a good 4-5 hours inside, and in the gardens, to make the most of your experience. If you are making the journey from Paris then give yourself the time to enjoy an immersive and memorable experience of Versailles. You can easily skip the long queues with a guided tour and make your way straight to the Palace and glimpse into the life of the longest-ruling monarch of France, and Europe, Louis XIV, whose vision it was to create the Palace of Versailles from his father’s chateau. 

Insider Knowledge -

What is a tour without extensive knowledge of the subject at hand? If you don’t know what you’re in for, then it will be just like visiting any other ancient palace with striking architecture and maybe halls of resounding history. With a guided tour, you can take advantage of your informed hostess or host as they regale you with intriguing tales from the cornucopia of stories from the rich lives of the French Monarchy. Banquets to courtiers, extravagant events to parties, and the hydraulic magnificence of the Palace gardens are only some of the striking features of the Palace. The guides will help you to learn most, if not all, there is to know about Versailles.  

Efficient Sightseeing Experience -

Cost-effective, time-saving, and informative, guided tours are one-stop access to everything there is to experience at the Palace of Versailles. With priority access to the Palace entrance, tickets to the Musical Fountain Show, train tickets to and from Paris, and a guide to ensure you learn the history of the Palace, guided tours are the best way to visit the Palace of Versailles from France. You have audio-guided tours, multilingual tours, and the expertise of your guide to accompany you throughout.

Best Guided Palace of Versailles Tour from Paris

Here are some of the most-popular HeadOut Palace of Versailles Tours from Paris!

Skip the Line Palace of Versailles by Train from Paris

  • An all-access pass to visit the Palace of Versailles from Paris with train tickets and direct entry from a separate entrance. A hostess to guide you from the meeting point at La Boutique, 6, rue de Bellechasse, 75007, Paris all the way to the Palace of Versailles.
  • Round-trip train tickets from Paris with an audio-guide, or a professional guide, available in multiple languages.
  • Visit the grand gilded Apartments of the King and Queen, Hall of Mirrors, and 250-acres of manicured gardens.
  • Exclusive access to the Musical Fountain Show and Musical Garden show only with HeadOut. 

Palace of Versailles Priority Access Tour from Paris with Transportation

  • Visit the home of the Sun King, Louis XIV who ruled over France for 72 years with the Priority Access Tour of Versailles from Paris. 
  • The pass includes round-trip air-conditioned coach tickets with a guide to take you to the Palace of Versailles. 
  • Visitors can choose from a full-day tour (7 hours) or a half-day tour (4 hours) to enjoy their visit to the seat of French power.
  • Your personal host will ensure you avoid the hassle of waiting in line, which can be long and tedious, and escort you straight to the entrance. 
  • Visit each part of the Palace from State Apartments to the Hall of Mirrors where the famous Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919.
  • You have access to audio tours available in multiple languages to accompany you as you move from room to room. 

Skip the Line: Versailles Palace & Gardens Guided Tour from Paris

  • The Palace of Versailles is visited by millions of tourists every year and remains one of the most significant landmarks in France’s history.
  • Skip the Line guided tours help you to navigate your way through the long lines and head right for the special entrance for pre-paid tickets. 
  • The tour includes two-way tickets from Paris to the Palace of Versailles by air-conditioned bus/train. 
  • You have access to the State Apartments, Hall of Mirrors, Palace Gardens, and more with the pass. 
  • The tour takes place throughout the week from Tuesday-Sunday, Monday excluded. Timings may differ. 
  • Expert guides well-versed in multiple languages to help you make sense of the grandiose aspects of the Palace along with the history of the monarchy.

Traveling from Paris to Versailles

Visitors have multiple ways at their disposal by which they can travel to the Palace of Versailles from Paris. Here are a few that would help you navigate your way to the Palace that stands in Versailles in all its stateliness.


Paris is serviced by internal Metro lines and the suburbs from Paris are serviced by the RER or Réseau Express Régional. The city of Versailles is in the suburbs therefore, visitors can take the RER line C to Versailles-Château – Rive Gauche station. You need only check the closest metro station to your accommodation in Paris and purchase a round-trip ticket from the station. Once you identify the metro station, you need to change train lines from the metro to RER C. Follow the map as the names are mentioned in English for convenience. A round-trip train ticket is no more than €7.1/person, making this one of the cheapest ways to travel from Paris to Versailles. Make sure to select the correct Versailles station since there are three that lead to the city. The duration of the trip can be anywhere from 1h to 1h30m depending on where you start.


If you wish to take the bus from Paris to Versailles then Bus N171 runs every day from Pont de Sevres metro station, on the 9th line. The bus route is ideal for solo travelers as the tickets are as cheap as €5.8/person and this includes a metro ride to Pont de Sevres. The bus runs from early morning 6:00 am to 12:00 am and runs frequently with a waiting time of 15-20 minutes. It will take you a total of 1h40m to reach Versailles from Paris based on the time it takes on the metro to reach Pont de Sevres followed by 40 minutes on the bus. The bus is not as comfortable as the train or a private car, but if you wish to save on travel and transport, it is a great option. The bus has 11 stops including Pont de Sevres, Place Gabriel Peri, Atrium, etc. until Place d’Armes Versailles, which is the parking for the Palace.


Visitors to the Palace of Versailles can even opt for a more comfortable way of traveling i.e. by private cars or taxis. The journey only takes 35 minutes and it will eliminate the hassle of changing trains to bus stations. The price can range from €70-€100 for up to 7 passengers. For private cars, take Autoroute A13 to Rouen until exit 6 i.e. Versailles Center. You will not have a problem locating parking at or near the Palace.