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Palace of Versailles Entry Ticket with Audioguide
Entry Ticket • Audioguide • Mobile Tickets
  • Tour the magnificent Grand Apartments as your audio guide demystifies some of the Palace’s most enticing secrets.
  • Visit the stunning Hall of Mirrors - a corridor filled with 357 mirrors that majestically reflect the gardens through arched windows.
  • Roam around the gardens and explore 250 acres of gorgeously landscaped lawns and fountains.
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Palace of Versailles All Access Passport Entry with Audioguide
All Access • Audio Guide • Mobile Tickets
  • Enjoy access to all areas of the royal estate with your Versailles Passport.
  • Passport also gives you entry to Marie Antoinette’s Estate, as well as the stunning Musical Garden shows and access to the Royal Apartments, Hall of Mirrors, gardens
  • Explore the magnificent palace with an Audioguide. Learn about the rich history of 17th century Europe.
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Versailles Skip The Line Tour with Audioguide
Skip The Line • Audioguide • Mobile Tickets
  • Enjoy access to parts of the Palace estate usually not open to the public, like the Trianon estate, a gift from Louis XVI to Marie Antoinette upon the birth of their first child as a getaway from court life.
  • From King Louis XIV to Marie Antoinette, get a glimpse into the lives of the French monarchy’s most influential figures with the help of an audioguide as you explore the very rooms in which they lived out their years.
  • Stroll through the perfectly manicured gardens, the exquisitely designed fountains and the carriages and coaches in the Carrosses Gallery of the Palace estate to complete your journey to 17th century France!
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Versailles Palace Skip The Line + Passport Entry with Audioguide
Skip The Line • All Access • Audio Guide
  • Collect your skip the line tickets from a short distance away and get escorted inside the exquisite Palace of Versailles so you can explore it at your own, relaxed pace.
  • With your audio guide to lead the way, tour the ornate royal estate, from the Hall of Mirrors to the beautiful Trianon Estate, hearing tales and lesser known anecdotes about the members of French Monarchy that dwelled here!
  • Enjoy access to all areas of the royal estate with your Versailles Passport, including Marie Antoinette’s Estate, the Royal Apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, and the beautiful gardens, as well as the stunning Musical Garden and Fountain shows.
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Skip the Line: Versailles Palace & Gardens Tour from Paris
Small Group Tour • Skip The Line Entry • Expert Guide • Transportation
  • Enjoy transportation from/ to Paris in a comfortable air conditioned coach with pickup from Paris so you don't have to worry about the commute to the outskirts where Versailles is located.
  • Avoid long queues with exclusive skip-the-line access to the Palace which you will gain with the help of your guide, who will also conduct a 4 and a half hour tour of the expansive estate so you can be sure that you will miss out on nothing.
  • With access to the Musical Gardens & Fountain Shows on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, combined with the convenience of transfers and the company of an expert, professional guide, your visit to the Palace is guaranteed to be memorable!
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